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Dear Parent or Carer


Welcome to Braishfield School Association (BSA)! Congratulations, as a parent/carer you are already a member of this successful organisation, whose sole focus is raising valuable funds to support and enhance OUR children’s education.


Our version of the parent teacher association is small but powerful, with a track record of highly successful fundraising and social events.


Active parental support is vital to the continuation and success of the association. We are ALWAYS looking for new and enthusiastic parent contributors so please come to a meeting, drop us an email, comment on Facebook or simply chat on the playground – we may look serious but really are very friendly!!!!! (Sarah has blue hair for goodness sake!!)


We meet once a month (at the pub!) to plan fundraising and social events – please do join us for a drink and nibbles.  Alternatively, we run a parent drop-in session once a month at the school for those that cannot make the evening meetings.


With funds raised we have helped fund the new library and the outdoor play area in Little Acorns; we organise and pay for the white lines to be drawn on the field for Sports Day; and we cover the cost of travel for school trips and outings.


The success of the BSA is only as good as those that support us, whether that is by joining in and volunteering or attending the various events we organise.  Your support is paramount.  We realise it may seem daunting, but please do approach any of us with any questions, queries or offering assistance.


We are always interested in hearing what people have to say, both good and bad, so please do join our Facebook page and leave your comments; alternatively, you can email us or leave a note in the BSA Suggestion Box in the school reception.