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As we have mixed-age classes, our curriculum runs on a two-year cycle, so as to meet the statutory requirements of both age-groups in the mixed-age class. All of our lessons are personalised to meet the learning needs of every child, and this quality-first teaching ensures that all of our pupils can access our exciting and engaging curriculum.


Please contact your child's class teacher if you have any queries about the school curriculum.

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Caribbean Day

Greek Olympic Games

Greek Olympic Games 1
Greek Olympic Games 2
Greek Olympic Games 3
Greek Olympic Games 4
Greek Olympic Games 5
Greek Olympic Games 6
Greek Olympic Games 7
Greek Olympic Games 8
Greek Olympic Games 9
Greek Olympic Games 10
Greek Olympic Games 11
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Greek Olympic Games 15
Greek Olympic Games 16
Greek Olympic Games 17
Greek Olympic Games 18
Greek Olympic Games 19
Greek Olympic Games 20

Cross Country Championships


On Tuesday 6th March 2018 at Down Grange Sports Complex in  Basingstoke, Toby, Violet and Isabelle represented Test Valley in the Cross Country Championships. As well as Test Valley, 13 other areas in Hampshire attended this 2000m run. All three of them completed the course within 10 minutes and did the school proud. 


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Treehouse Theatre


Yesterday Oaks and Saplings worked together to create a 'Play in a day' all about the Ancient Greeks. They were lead by actor Ben Lindsey-Clarke and re-enacted different parts of Greek history. It was a fantastic day which was enjoyed by all - we certainly have some buddy young actors/ actresses in the making! 

Rock Challenge


KS2 pupils performed the 'Cycle of Crisis' at Southampton Guildhall in front of a packed audience. The children were amazing and did the school proud by winning 5 awards! 


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MBVOX Music day

MBVOX Music day  1
MBVOX Music day  2
On Tuesday 23rd January Oaks were lucky enough to go to Mountbatten School to spend a day with National Choir Master Dominic Peckham. The children worked in collaboration with other local school to form a choir and put on a performance for the parents. It was an amazing opportunity to learn from the expert and be a part of something so special! 


"Yesterday we had a great day being explorers around Ampfield Woods! We really enjoyed being outside, everyone had so much fun and some of us even got stuck in the mud!

Before lunch we split into year teams and had a challenge to build a shelter in the woods. Y6 built a theirs against a tree whilst Year 5 found shelter under some bushes. We also enjoyed a big game of Man Hunt!

We took it in turns to lead the expedition by using our map skills and luckily we didn't get lost!

Although we were all tired by the day, we had the best day!"