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Pupil Voice

At Braishfield Primary School we strongly believe that our children should be actively involved in leading positive change in our school.  Whilst there are always opportunities in class for discussion and debate, we recognise that a range of Pupil Voice groups sets up the perfect means for classes to feedback those ideas to the Headteacher.  The representatives for each group work with a key member of staff to work on specific projects and to canvas pupil opinion across the school on key issues.  Representatives are selected by either peer vote, teacher selection or by ‘names out of a hat’. Usually there are representatives in each group from Years 1 to Year 6.


School Council

The School Council are a group of children who are elected by their year group.  Our job is to be our year group's voice and tell our Headteacher, Mrs Rhodes, what needs doing. We organise charity events such as Red Nose Day and Children In Need. We have regular meetings to generate ideas, make sure everyone is heard and to make our school the best it can be. 

Written by Harriet.  

Hannah, Isabelle, William, George, Aimee, Sophie and Harriet.


House Captains / Deputy House Captains

All children across the school are part of a school house and these are named after local farms. There is one house captain and one deputy house captain for each of our four houses, which are:

  • Hawkes (red);
  • Fairbourne (green):
  • Pucknall (blue);
  • Farley (yellow);

Throughout the week pupils can earn house points for displaying our school values. Our Citizenship values are kindness, honesty and respect and our Learners' Values are resilience, independence and inquisitiveness. When you are awarded a house point you collect a token in the form of a coloured counter which represents the colour of your house. Every Friday the house captains count the tokens and announce the results in assembly. The house that receives the most points at the end of each half term get a treat decided by the house captains, for example: a movie afternoon with popcorn!

Throughout the year we take part in different house events where we give moral support to everyone in our house and encourage them to give their best and never give up.

Written by Gad

Oscar and George  - Hawkes

Austin and Beth - Fairbourne

Gad and Oscar -  Pucknall 

Tallulah and Reuben - Farley

Bronze Ambassadors 

A Bronze Ambassador is a sports leader. They help the teachers by arranging sports events for the whole school such as Sports Day and also lead PE lessons for other classes. If another class has a PE lesson, we will get the equipment from the PE shed. To prepare us for our roles, we attended a day at The Mountbatten School where we learnt how to organise groups to get more people active. The Bronze Ambassadors are: Jodie ,Violet ,Toby and Jack.

Written by Jodie.

Digital Leaders

As Digital Leaders we help all the teachers and students when there is a problem with technology. When we find a weak spot in the school technology we work to improve it. Digital Leaders run clubs such as Code Club and teach the children coding. We also train the next generation of Digital Leaders, coders and teachers.

Written by George and Jack.

Play Leaders

The main role of the Play Leader is to set up and run games on the playground. Every day we have a different game to play if you don’t have anything to play. On the playground we have equipment out and the Play Leaders are responsible for looking after the equipment and taking it onto and off the play area. They are easy to spot because they are wearing a blue badge which reads: ‘PLAYLEADER.’ We also make sure everyone is playing nicely. The Play Leaders are Kavita, Harriet, Isabelle, Charlie, Eleanor and Ffion. There are posters around the school if you forget who they are.

Written by Kavita.

Junior Librarians 

We help children use the library properly and find books they want to read. We have to scan books in and out when the children want to change them to take home new ones to read.  We also make sure the library is nice and tidy.

Written by Willow.

Willow, Jack ,Louise, Scarlet, Maddie, Zoe, Dexter, Tallulah, Kavita.