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Big Acorns

As we have mixed-age classes, our curriculum runs on a two-year cycle, so as to meet the statutory requirements of both age-groups in the mixed-age class. All of our lessons are personalised to meet the learning needs of every child, and this quality-first teaching ensures that all of our pupils can access our exciting and engaging curriculum.


Please contact your child's class teacher if you have any queries about the school curriculum.

Big Acorns enjoying penalty shoot out!

As a part of our P.E lessons, the children have begun the Hampshire School Games gymnastics challenge: catching a ball by standing on one leg!

Science - We have planted seeds in different mediums and are putting them in different places to see if they will grow.

Queens, castles and dirty rascals.

We created our own Christingles and discussed what each part represented. Big Acorns would like to thank Reverend Jane from All Saints Church for creating a step-by-step guide to follow.

We tested a range of household objects such as metal spoons, wooden pegs and marbles to see if they would float or sink. We discussed whether an object would float or sink depending on its weight and material. We then used our knowledge of materials to predict what we thought would happen to the objects when placed in a tray of water. We recorded our results on a grid and wrote a short conclusion about what we found out.

We each painted an individual poppy on a large wooden poppy cut out. This will go on display in the local church as a symbol of remembrance.

UK Parliament Week- We were debating real-life scenarios such as: Should children do one hour's housework at the weekend? We then democratically voted for yes or no on a ballot paper. We also created our own glitter firework art inspired by the story of Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.

We investigated the flexibility of different plastic bottles. We described what it felt like to squeeze the bottles and measured how far they could squirt the water. We found out that the plastic bottles with the most flexibility were the ones that squirted the water the furthest.

We made glove puppets! We designed a character from stories we have explored this term. We then developed our fine motor skills by sewing together two fabric outlines. Following our design, we cut out various shapes to decorate and complete our puppets.

We have been testing the absorbency of different materials in our science lesson

In English the children have been enjoying the story ‘Traction Man is here!’ They explored a mission from the book filling trays with foamy water and hiding sponges, dish cloths and other weird wonderful things you might find in a kitchen sink in the bubbles! The children thought of adjectives to describe what they could see and feel and used their imaginations to think of character names.

Developing our collaging and printing skills during our Art workshop with Southampton City Art Gallery. We were inspired by the picture 'A Rock Rose' by Ian Hamilton Finlay

More Sports Relief fun!

Getting active on the spooner boards and practising our archery skills for Sport Relief

Class Trip to Hillier Gardens

We made clay sculptures of famous London landmarks!

We measured the speed and direction of the wind using bubbles!

Outdoor Learning Day (Term 3)

The Inn-Spectors (Nativity December 2019)

Gymnastics Festival

Making Remembrance Day Poppies!

Learning in Big Acorns Term 1