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Braishfield Primary School

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What our parents say...


'I love the sense of community and the school's ability to punch well above its weight.'


'Seeing the children having fun learning in a variety of different ways. Being active and having outside fun opportunities. I really like that the children are rewarded for outstanding efforts and work. It makes them work towards something and it is noticed. Certificates, stickers and badges are a great incentive and they are proud of themselves to achieve them.'


'It’s a lovely, small school with a real focus on the pupils, their learning and behaviour. Everyone knows each other and I feel my child is well looked after and has her needs attended to. I trust the teachers and staff and can see the connection my child has made with teachers, staff and her peers.'


'Lovely teachers who support and encourage my children. Very happy with the school.'


'The teaching staff, friendliness of the school, caring and nurturing environment and level of education my child receives are all strengths.'


'Good teaching in a lovely, enjoyable environment. My child is happy!'


'It is a friendly and caring environment with a strong sense of community and provides a good education.'


'Teachers take time to know the children. Children feel confident.'


'I think it is a fantastic school that I wish I had found sooner.'


'Great atmosphere, family friendly, lots of involvement in a variety of activities.'


'Great, friendly school with a sense of family about it.'


'Inclusive - friendly, small school that really gets to know and support children.'


'An encouraging and supportive learning environment where children are really cared for and can feel part of a school community.'


'Small, friendly school where children love to learn, with lots of amazing opportunities.'


'The way the school handles any problems is a strength and you can always talk to a teacher when needed.'


'My children have flourished since attending Braishfield and have grown in character as well as developing an excellent education. The school provides many opportunities for the children. It has a very kind, caring community spirit.'


'My daughter is quite an anxious child who needs to feel secure, understood and loved.  The “family” feel of Braishfield School, and in particular the way the children and teachers all know and look out for each other, has helped her to thrive and her confidence is growing all the time.'